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Special Products

Chesapeake Custom Crating, the leader in custom shipping crates in Maryland, will provide you consistent, reliable, and on time crating and packaging services. Our goal is to provide excellent service for your shipping crate and wood packing crate needs; this allows you to concentrate on the work that produces real profits for you and your company.

We have the expertise. Our systems and processes enable us to address the most challenging shipping crate and packing needs for a wide array of businesses and industries. Our design staff will work with you to design and engineer custom crating solutions that are based on manufacturer specifications for packaging your belongings and/or product. Depend on our expertise for the latest crating designs and techniques for addressing your personal, corporate or industrial equipment packaging and shipping requirements.

We have the experience.  We provide the best solution for the crating and packaging needs for business clients across many industries. Our crating solutions help protect the most sensitive instruments and equipment. We design and build durable, high quality multiple use crates for various purposes.

We have the capabilities.  We serve as your one stop shop for all your crating needs. We can build custom crates for oversized machinery and equipment and provide solutions for your high capacity manufacturing requirements. Our professional staff is committed to ensuring your crating and packaging needs are met, while carefully analyzing and managing the technical, cost and quality assurance aspects of your project.

Our Special Products are:

Chesapeake Custom Crating - 1343 Linden Ave, Annapolis, MD - 410.991.5539

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